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Hi everyone,

You may have received my email earlier this week, but I thought I’d share our news on this blog too!

This year we are going to create an information resource for people newly diagnosed with MS. But I want this resource to be different. Rather than something that is full of statistics and cold hard facts, I want our resource to share real insight and experiences. We will of course ensure we cover everything people need to know but we also want to be able to share hints and tips that can only be known by people that have been there – and that’s you!

I’m sure you remember what receiving a diagnosis was like for you or someone you know, and have views on what was useful and what you wish you had been told early on.

Please share your experiences today in our online survey. It will take about ten minutes, and really help us shape our new resources.

We will then use the results to help us draft our new information resource. Once we have our draft we will be sharing it with our VIP’s to make sure it truly reflects the voices of real people affected by MS.

Over 100 people have already completed the survey – thank you so much!

Together we can empower people affected by MS to make choices that are right for them,


P.S. The survey closes at 4pm on 10 March 2016.