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Love is in the air...

Well it’s that time of year again – love is in the air along with hearts and flowers and it’s not restricted to us humans! Our lovely mascot bear Myles knows how to woo the hearts with his lovely cute black nose and big beady eyes. To make our mini Myles a little bit more special for this Valentine’s, a hand crafted felted heart has been added to his chest along with his cheery red ribbon neck tie.

Crafting those little extra touches on our mascot bears, is for me a real pleasure in life as you could say I am a ‘craft addict’! When the charity was celebrating its 21st birthday Myles was transformed by bow ties for the boys and tutu’s and flowers for the girls – they were limited edition – were you lucky enough to get one of them? Next came your turn – we asked for you to make an outfit for Myles and we had some super entries with the winner being a jester!

So bringing crafting into my day job as a Helpline advisor gives me a lot of pleasure, but equally I want to say that no matter how large or small the project, everyone can benefit from doing something. At the very least using your hands to create is a form of exercise for the hands and arms and at best, stimulation for the brain. So go create, you don’t have to be good at it (but you can get better with practice) but seeing something grow or form in front of your eyes is so satisfying and the ‘feel good’ factor is priceless.

You never know, you might be a budding artist, sculptor or just a knitting nanny – enjoy!

Hope you send lots of love this Valentine’s Day,


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