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MS Helpline sees a 40% increase in use over past year

National multiple sclerosis charity, MS-UK, celebrates their live web chat service after seeing a 40% increase in Helpline use over the past year.

MS-UK, the national charity supporting anyone affected by multiple sclerosis to make the most of today, is celebrating growth and promoting their live web chat service this week.

The live web chat service was launched in 2015 and 13% of contacts to the MS-UK Helpline went through this channel last year. Between 2014 and 2015, the charity experienced an almost 40% increase in the amount of people who used the MS-UK Helpline, and the live web chat service enables MS-UK to meet this demand.

By talking to people via web chat, and reducing the number of those contacting the Helpline on social media, MS-UK can be there for people all over the world while ensuring confidentiality. People get information instantly in the same way as calling the MS-UK Helpline, but it is all online.

Amy Woolf, MS-UK Chief Executive said, ‘I am very proud that MS-UK is the first national multiple sclerosis charity to provide a web chat service. The fact that take up has been so high is testament to the need for this service and the positive feedback we have had to date has proven its value. We are committed to providing people affected by MS with the information and support they need, when they need it and how they need it.’

Since 1993, MS-UK has offered information and support to anyone affected by multiple sclerosis via telephone. The MS-UK Helpline is confidential, unbiased and completely free.

Laura Amiss-Smith, MS-UK Helpline Supervisor said ‘I think the live web chat service is brilliant! It provides an invaluable service to people affected by MS, allowing the chance to be able to chat to us on the Helpline where they may not have previously felt able. For example, MS can affect a persons’ speech which can sometimes make telephone conversations difficult, the web chat service has opened up a new avenue of communication making our service even more accessible to all.’

Find out more about the MS-UK Helpline and the live web chat service online at