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Beetle Drive


On Saturday night I was intrigued and excited to go to my first ever beetle drive fundraiser. I always mention to fundraisers and supporters that a beetle drive is a fun event to organise to raise money, but never really understood how it all worked until Saturday, and all you have to do is draw a beetle to win!

There were 48 people there sitting on 12 tables of four all wanting to be the winner at the end of the evening. My cousin, who was running the event put everyone in pairs which made it more entertaining and near the end of the evening there were 4 pairs with about 10 points between them all fighting to be the champions.

It’s a very easy fundraising event to put on as all you need to do is charge supporters to play at the start of the evening. You start each round by rolling a 6 to get the body of the beetle and then roll for other numbers to get different parts of the beetle’s body.

Overall the night was a great success and I thoroughly enjoyed my evening. There are also many different events you can do to raise money for MS-UK, have a look at our A-Z of fundraising for inspiration.