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Stepping in for a friend

Tom Carr is stepping in!

One of our dedicated fundraisers, Tom Pope, has been preparing for one of the toughest races on Earth – the Marathon Des Sables. To raise a whopping £10,000 for MS-UK, Tom is taking part in lots of events up to his finale, to keep the sponsor money coming in.

Tom lost his mum last year to a degenerative neurological condition that she fought bravely for 10 years. Tom says, ‘watching my mum cope with this and witnessing her strength was so humbling. She has already inspired me to do many things but running the Marathon Des Sables will be the most extreme of those to date. With her passing, I wanted to do something that most people tell themselves they can’t and something I hope will continue to make her proud, keeping a smile on her face through my own strength and focus.’

Tom’s last event of 2015 is meant to be a boxing match tonight in London. However, sometimes things don’t always go to plan!

Unfortunately, Tom has sustained a rib injury. He isn’t able to take part in the boxing match, and he was really worried he wouldn’t be able to continue his fundraising efforts for MS-UK. But then a very good friend has unbelievably offered to step in!

So, this blog is a dedicated ‘thank you and good luck’’ to the lovely Tom Carr who is taking Tom’s place tonight at the boxing match. He’ll fight three rounds at the Clapham Grand for his dear friend, in front of about 500 people!

Tom Pope is very humbled by this gesture. ‘He knew Mum, and he’s just stepped in. I can’t thank him enough, and it goes to show how generous people can be when they’re doing something for an amazing cause.’

You can find out more about Tom Pope’s challenges and make a contribution online at

Good luck!