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Top five MS stories in the news right now...

Jack the New Pathways cat checks the latest MS stories

There are multiple sclerosis stories breaking all the time, so here’s a quick roundup of the top five stories I’ve seen in the past week.

The MS Trust reports on the critical challenges facing the NHS
A report published by the MS Trust has determined that the Britain’s National Health Services (NHS) programs relied upon by people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) are facing increasing pressures that could lead to inequities in care.
Collecting data from 16 MS teams who provide services for more than 15,000 people living with MS, the Trust’s three-year GEMSS evaluation project demonstrated the vital service provided by MS specialist nurses and the value they deliver, highlighting the challenges they face in providing care.
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Launch of the Good Pharma Scorecard (GPS)
Bioethics International have launched a Good Pharma Scorecard (GPS), a system designed to independently rank biopharmaceutical companies and new drugs based on key ethics, human rights, and public health criteria, beginning with R&D and clinical trial transparency. This framework has been developed over the last six years and Bioethics International is now expanding the rankings to include drugs approved in other years as well as additional trial sponsors.
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Cognitive assessment linked to quality of life
Performance in daily activities can be predicted using the Brief International Cognitive Assessment for Multiple Sclerosis (BICAMS) assessment, according to findings published in the Multiple Sclerosis Journal.Researchers from the Kessler Foundation examined 41 patients with MS and 32 healthy controls in order to examine whether BICAMS would be able to predict daily living using Actual Reality (AR) in people with MS. The participants were tested with BICAMS.
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DIY SOS army reservists build path for man living with MS
A group of eighteen army reservists laid a new track for wheelchair-bound Jeremiah Sheenan, from his house, across the green, to the pavement.
Jeremiah, who lives with MS, said he had been “humbled” by how the community rallied around to help him.
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Chocolate could reduce MS fatigue
Researchers are looking to see whether chocolate can reduce fatigue – one of the most common symptoms in people living with MS. In the study, MS society-funded experts will give subjects a hot chocolate drink rich in flavonoids, which are believed to help reduce inflammation.
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