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Fundraising doesn’t always have to be months’ worth of planning...

MS-UK Halloween Tool Kit

If you are doing anything this weekend for Halloween, or going to an event, why not check out our handy toolkit for inspiration and last minute ideas.

How about a gruesome lucky dip, pay to dive your hand into a bucket filled with jelly or coloured water and have the chance to win a prize. Fundraising doesn’t always have to be great big events. How about a last minute raffle. Ask your guests to donate a prize, then raffle them off at your party!

Even if you are attending someone else’s event – I’m off to a friend’s party and only last week we decided to have a fancy dress competition! We are asking people to donate a £1 and come along in their scariest or most inventive costumes.

There are loads of great fun ways to get involved in fundraising, whether it’s a great big event, or a last minute activity, they can be great fun, and a great way to make a big difference!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and a truly spooktacular Halloween!

If you need any help, or want to show off your last minute ideas feel free to drop me an email at

01206 226 500