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Halloween toolkit blog

Picture of three members of the MS-UK Fundraising team in Halloween costunes

Come and join in with me for the Halloween holiday season and why not organise your own spooky fundraising event with our Halloween toolkit?

As you can see from the photo, I’m always game for dressing up and getting in the spirit of things, some people say I have never looked better!! Why not get your friends to dress up too and have a spooky themed Halloween party.

Or how about a ‘carve the pumpkin’ competition with the winner getting a bag of spooky treats? We’ve got lots of ideas for Halloween, so get in touch and I can help.

When the evenings get colder and darker it can be boring just sitting around at home but this is a perfect way to use our Halloween toolkit and make those dark nights even more fun and spooky.

The toolkit has everything you need for the day and it is really easy to download of our website but if you need anything more please do contact me on mark@ms-uk.orgI am also here to offer advice on best costumes to wear and best face to carve on pumpkins.

From your scary looking Frankenstein.