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The great cannabis debate…

Picture of New Pathways magazine Issue 93 Cover

ew Pathways magazine issue 93 cover

In the latest issue of New Pathways we are tackling a well known taboo – the great cannabis debate. When we thought about doing an update on cannabis for MS, we never realised there would so much to share. But there is.

We look at both sides of the debate, look at new and existing treatments and hear from people about their own experiences. At MS-UK, we don’t believe that any subject should be a taboo and we are not advocating anything, and I hope you find this issue really informative so you can make your own choices.

But the story doesn’t end there – we’d still love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Does it help you? Or maybe you’ve tried it and you didn’t feel any benefits. Or perhaps you don’t think it should be used as a treatment at all.

Whatever your views and experiences, you can share them with us here at New Pathways. Just drop us a line or two at

We look forward to hearing from you

Editor, New Pathways