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How about doing some FUN-raising to kick off the school year?

backtoschool.pngOur fantastic Back to School fundraising toolkit is just what you need to start putting the FUN into fundraising! Your toolkit gives you numerous ways in which you, your friends, parents and even your teachers can get involved. These can be simple ideas or the wackiest thing you can think of, the wackier the better!

Some ideas can include a bake sale either at your school or at home where you and your parents can have separate tables and see who sells the most cakes. Remember to make them look nice and colourful to attract people’s attention.

If you have been told that you are a chatty person and always getting told to be quiet then why not do a sponsored silence, to prove everyone wrong. I know from personal experience people will try and put you off by asking you questions that they know you want to answer!

The more people you get to help you with your fundraising the easier it will become and the more money you will raise. A great way to do this is to hold a fancy dress day and that way everyone can get involved. This can range from wearing all one colour, fancy dress or even the brightest, loudest item of clothing that you have. To see who comes up with the best costume, offer a prize for the winner at the end of the day, remember this does not have to be a big prize.

Just a word of warning with whatever activity you do is to make sure you always get permission from your parents, teachers or head teacher especially if you do something within the school.

Remember that I am always here to help.

Download your Back to School toolkit on our website at

Good luck,

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