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‘I have MS and a food allergy and can’t get what I need’

monika-grabkowska-7zT-RtY7MxE-unsplash.jpgAllergy UK is calling for people to consider the needs of people with food allergies and avoid stockpiling Free From products. At MS-UK, we received a call from a lady with multiple sclerosis (MS) who was worried she would soon not have anything at all to eat. ‘I’m away from home at the moment visiting my son who is in a care home,’ she said. ‘I have various stomach issues and when I’m unwell all I can manage are two Alpro yoghurts per day – that’s what keeps me alive. But there is only one Tesco where I live, and it is a 25-mile round trip to get to. I will have to go every day, and only be allowed three each time, that’s if they have any.

‘I feel like people with severe allergies should be able to buy more than three, because we are so limited on what we can actually eat.

Allergy UK, the leading charity for people living with allergies, says it is appealing to shoppers to think about those that require the “free-from” produce to feed their families.

For those who are elderly, vulnerable, or work for the NHS, supermarkets have created special allocate shopping hours. They are as follows:


8-9am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday reserved for NHS and social care workers alongside elderly and vulnerable customers.


NHS hour 7am-8am every day but not on Sundays. Must show NHS ID.
No special hours for the elderly.


Prioritised a one-hour slot for elderly and vulnerable every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am in all stores except smaller Express shops.
NHS staff can visit large stores one hour before the usual opening time every Sunday.


Prioritising NHS workers and elderly in larger stores every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8-9am.


OAPs. The first hour every Monday and Thursday.
NHS and emergency service workers. First hour each Tuesday and Friday.


On Friday, it launched a protected shopping period for the elderly and vulnerable at every store which will take place during the first opening hour.


The first hour of trading – Priority hours for elderly and vulnerable people.
The final hour of trading - NHS staff only, ID must be shown.