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Neil's Tysabri Diary

Nicki's Tysabri Diary

Nutty's Tysabri Diary

Richard's Tysabri Diary

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Tysabri diaries (open)

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To aid those who may have been prescribed Tysabri® or those thinking of asking their Neurologist to prescribe Tysabri® we at the MS-UK have enlisted the help of a number of people with MS who are now currently taking Tysabri® to provide some insight into how they went about getting the drug and how the monthly infusions have changed, or not, their condition.

If you are currently taking Tysabri®, and would like to join our panel of "Diarists" please contact us by emailing

Opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not reflect the opinions or policies of MS-UK.  MS-UK is an unbiased organisation and the content displayed here is done so in the spirit of free speech. Please visit our Terms of use page for more information.

Christine (Updated (05/11/12)

Kirsty (Updated 23/05/13)

Lisa (Updated 18/10/12)

Natasha (Updated 08/07/13)

Neil (Updated 08/01/13)

Nicki (Updated 12/03/14)

Nutty (Updated 18/07/13)

Richard (Updated 19/01/12)

Simon (Updated (05/01/15)

Sonya (Updated 10/09/12)

Sue Lawrence (Updated 09/01/15)

Tony (Updated 09/03/12)